Slashing prices worked for The Hero Joint, so they’re slashing again


“Come one. Come all. Come hungry.” Perhaps most importantly, “Come often.”

That’s the idea behind The Hero Joint slashing prices yet again.

Owner John Murray, III — who runs locations in Patchogue and Bay Shore — bucked the inflation trend by first lowering prices in February.

Guess what? It worked.

So now, nearly all The Hero Joint’s super-premium sandwiches will be $12.99.

Murray, who opened his first location in Patchogue in 2018, says the company has been making more money on volume since the February price drop, which you can read about here.

“With inflation cooling and our volume increasing, I feel comfortable doing it again,” he said.

How it happened

Murray said the rapid inflation of 2022 and volatile markets for farmed products forced the company to hike its prices accordingly for cushion — or else change the prices daily like a gas station.

But, with the higher prices, an already-strapped public stopped coming.

“Now we’re starting to see families back and they’re so happy with the lower prices,” he said. “The quality is the quality. What might have been prohibiting them from visiting us was the cost factor.”

Prices have dropped on the Chicken Club, cheesesteaks, the Bro (Italian), Meathead (American) and many more specialty sandwiches, including the build-your-own option.

“I’m going as low as I can, but obviously I gotta keep the lights on.”

But, he assured, “We’re not cutting portions or subbing-out ingredients. 

“There’s no smoke and mirrors here.”

“I just really want to thank all those who have returned to us,” Murray added. “Each order and opportunity to feed you and your families is an honor. I promised when we cut prices last time if I could do it again, I would.  So I am keeping my word. Thank you again. Hopefully this inflation monster will subside more.”

Other news

Murray said his feedback forms from guests indicate they love the new pricing, but many have also asked for The Hero Joint to bring back its Fried Chicken Fridays deal.

So, Murray is kicking that off again as well beginning again on May 12. How it works is this, every Friday, guests can call ahead and either order a whole fried chicken with corn bread for $25.99 (feeds four), or a two whole chickens for $49.99 (feeds eight). “It’s quick, easy meal, and if you do the math, it’s cheaper per person than going to Wendy’s,” he said. “Plus, the chicken is amazing.”

If you go

The address in Patchogue is 74B East Main St., but the front entrance of The Hero Joint actually faces the rear parking lot behind Patchogue-Medford Library.  You can also access the shop through Kilwins, which fronts Main Street and is also owned by Murray.

The address for Bay Shore is 182 West Main St., across from St. Patrick’s R.C. Church.

Photo: GLI’s Nick Esposito at The Hero Joint in Bay Shore. (file photo)