Photos: Lessing’s partners with Island Harvest to plant produce in Brentwood


Lessing’s Hospitality Group and the nonprofit food bank Island Harvest partnered to celebrate Earth Day on April 22 by organizing a plant-a-garden event at the Healthy Harvest Farm in Brentwood.

The farm is located on two acres of farmland and is used as a learning model — and to provide increased access to healthy produce for more than 300,000 Long Islanders affected by poverty and hunger.

The Lessing’s team spent the day raking, weeding, and planting fruits and vegetables in the community gardens.

The farm’s Giving Gardens program has grown tremendously and will produce approximately 450,000 pounds of fresh produce, supplementing an additional 300,000 meals.

The program promotes overall good health by providing those in need with healthier foods, nutritional guidance, and other resources. The Lessing’s “Do Good” initiative spans throughout the year with several programs committed to preserving the environment, including reducing plastic consumption to help keep the oceans and lands clean. See below to scroll through photos from the day.