The Bean of Patchogue to rebrand as CoHo, offering both coffee and cocktails


Coffee lovers in Patchogue are in for a treat as The Bean of Patchogue, a popular coffeehouse along Main Street, undergoes a major transformation.

The brainchild behind the revamp, Rob Cutrone, told Greater Long Island that the coffeehouse will soon become CoHo, short for Coffee House, with the aim of catering to both coffee and cocktail lovers.

The concept behind CoHo was inspired by Brew and Brew, an eatery in Austin, Texas, that serves everything from coffee to booze, and breakfast to dinner. Cutrone, who co-founded The Bean of Patchogue with the founders of the Bean Coffeehouse chain in 2018, bought out his partners in April 2022 to focus on this new venture.

“I was reading a magazine and I stumbled upon Brew and Brew,” said Cutrone, 31. “I was like, ‘Wow, what an energy, what a fun place for people to gather to be social.'”

The new menu will feature tapas, soups, and sandwiches, along with fresh-pressed juices, smoothies, and in-house baked desserts. The biggest change, however, will be the addition of liquor sales, which will begin on June 1. CoHo will be serving up coffee-infused cocktails such as a coffee negroni and cold brew espresso martinis.

During the day, CoHo will continue to serve up coffee that customers are used to from The Bean of Patchogue. However, when the sun sets and “golden hour” arrives, the coffeehouse will turn into a bar with a completely different vibe.

But don’t expect shots. Cutrone, who grew up in West Islip, wants to create a place where people can sit and enjoy live music with a very chill vibe.

“Live music will be a staple,” said Cutrone, who has a background as a DJ. “I will also be using my skills to curate a Spotify playlist for different times of the day.”

The coffeehouse-turned-coffee bar will also be available for private events, such as support groups, mommy-and-me groups, and mental health sessions. The menu will be geared towards health and wellness, in keeping with the current trend towards healthier eating habits.

The coffee shop will also be partnering with Phin, a Blue Point-based philanthropic company, to enable customers to donate a portion of their transaction to a nonprofit or cause of their choosing.

Cutrone is excited about the transformation of The Bean of Patchogue into CoHo.

“I have very big visions for [CoHo], and can’t wait for everyone to see what is in store,” he said.

Top: Rob Cutrone holding up the coffee cups for his new brand CoHo. (Credit: Michael Mercer)