Milano Bean Café is now open in downtown Bay Shore


Java lovers, there’s a new coffee spot in downtown Bay Shore.

Milano Bean Café took over the old Salon Eden space at 6 East Main Street. Milano swung open it’s doors at 11 a.m. on Saturday, May 6.

Owner Tiger Schofield opened his first storefront at 51 West Main Street in East Islip in 2020 and over the past two-plus years it has become known as a friendly, neighborhood coffee shop.

“We don’t treat you as business, or for money, we treat you like a real family,” said owner Schofield, who spoke to back in 2020.

Schofield, who is originally from Jordan but now lives in East Islip, said he came up with the café’s name after frequently visiting Milan in Italy. 

He said countries like Jordan and Egypt have cafés with similar names as well. 

Milano Bean Café’s menu features classic espresso drinks, such as macchiatos, cappuccinos, and mochas, but they also have fresh baked goods and make crepes in-house. Click below to see our past coverage.

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Top: File image of Milano Bean Café’s espresso.